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Bringing those who Love God together...

Is What We Do?

The Army of Yahuwah is here, yes that’s right all of you. The more we exercise our trust, faith and beliefs in not just Yahshua but ourselves, “the church”, the better off we’ll be. We’ve been asked to “come out from among them and be ye separate”…well, here we are! I mean there are so many verses of loving each other and I think as I said earlier, the more we get into the routine of working together as followers of Christ, the better off we’ll be.

At OneDeep we are doing just that, bringing those who Love God together and hopefully bringing some new Souls here as well. That’s another request by Christ, to go out and preach the Gospel to the world, and that’s our goal. We have so many great plans that we pray will be blessed with fruition. We have plenty of experience in this world, with marketing, sales, business development, advertising, SEO, web design, keywords, Google, GMB, analytics…etc. The list goes on and on but more importantly we have relations with Our Heavenly Father, Christ Yahshua, and the Holy Spirit where we will be teaching Truth! A place where everyone can come and learn, teach, look for help, needs, relations, whatever we can do to bring the true Christ-like experience to life, home, and business. The one place it has been missing is business…like a hex of some kind. Are we afraid to look for and work with those who believe what we believe? I mean we make up the biggest of all beliefs in the world, imagine the success when done right!

We’re here for questions, concerns, and requests. We want to help! No matter what the question or concern, if we have the ability to accommodate, we will! I think that most of the world has lost touch with the word community. We will bring that back to you and your needs.

We will connect you with others who believe as you believe, act as you act, expect as you expect, and work as you work with dignity, concern and appreciation, this is our goal!