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Our Purpose

Standing firm in our Faith!


Our Purpose here, is You!  Standing firm in our Faith!
Sharing His Word & Loving Our Neighbors.

Are we seeing the predictions of Christ, Isaiah, Daniel, Jeremiah, concerning the end of days?

Whether or not we are in the “end times”, we should always be prepared as some of the virgins were. Being good stewards, putting our Faith and Our Most High Elohim first, for fighting the fight, running the race, with the whole armor of Yahuwah, from head to toe. That of His Grace in Yahshua, we are blessed, we’re washed clean and presented whole to Our Heavenly Father through the blood of Christ Yahshua. By practicing the Law, keeping the Sabbath Holy, and most importantly Loving Yahuwah with all our hearts, soul and mind, and loving our neighbors as we love ourselves. As Christ said, “this is the Law and the Prophets.”

This is the purpose of this organization! This is the reason for being, our purpose for being here. To live, learn, and to teach each other “The Way”, as it was called in the beginning. We’re recreating the past, as nothing under the sun is new. A return to the days when Christ walked miles and miles to teach and preach His neighbors. As you can see, today, in the news around the world, we’re returning to the past, the beginning, where it all started. The Jewish people have returned to the Holy land, they’re surrounded by enemies, Christians again are being rejected, ridiculed, even hunted. Evil is spoken of as good and good of evil. This is all too familiar as Christ said we would be persecuted for our Faith like the prophets, disciples, and followers were. We “must” take up our Crosses, without fear or excuse, forget the world, and walk the walk that Peter, Paul, John, and all the others walked, knowing that the end for us on the earth, is imminent.

Our place in Christ is our home, we’re not of this place, we’re “the Church”, the “Bride of Christ”, waiting for the call, and when we hear that Trumpet, in the twinkling of an eye, we shall be transformed. Now, that may be before or after these terrible things happen here during the Tribulation. There are arguments for both sides of this issue, either way, the goal is the same. We must stand for our belief, and as Paul said, “whether we live or die, we die for Christ Our Lord.” Stand strong in The Lord Yahshua and those who wait on Him, will be saved! End of story!! We are all here for this, and we must band together now, and share in Our Faith the importance of neighbors, each other, sharing and borrowing strength, seeing each other through this time of anticipation, woe’s, fears, and uncertainty for the world but knowing, for us, for those who Love and wait on the Lord Yahuwah, and His Son Yahshua, shall all be saved! SO BE IT! This is what we’re called to do, and when we wait on the Lord,” we shall renew our strength, mount up with wings of eagles, run and not be weary, walk and not faint.”